Most parent’s would do anything for their children if they ask. For some, if a child asks for a puppy, then they get a puppy. If they ask for ice cream, then they’ll get ice cream. But for this mom, it was dressing up as a dad for “Dads and Donuts” day.

Whitney Kittrell’s five year old son came home from school one day with a flyer for the special day for children and their dads, and Whitney felt terrible.

“I sat him down and said “you’re going to have a day at school, you’re supposed to go have breakfast with your dad…if you want to take your grandfather you can,’ ” said Kittrell, but her son’s response surprised her.

“I want to take you, you’re my dad too,” said Lucas, Kittrell’s son.

So, to prepare for the big day, Whitney decided to go all out. She painted on facial hair, tucked her hair into a baseball cap, and wore a baggy sweatshirt. When she walked out, he just began to laugh, saying, “You look like a daddy!”

‘I dressed up because I know my son, and we have a goofy relationship with each other…knew it would make him laugh,” Whitney commented.

No one even batted an eye as they arrived, where he introduced her to his friends and classmates as his dad.

“I’ve tried my best to let them know they are loved but I wonder a lot if I’m actually succeeding at it. When I went to leave he ran after me and hugged me tight around my neck and whispered ‘mom…I know that you’ll always be there and do anything for me. Thank you. I love you’ kissed my cheek and ran off. I hope he remembers this day cause I’ll never forget it or his sweet words,” Whitney wrote on Facebook about her son Lucas and daughter Malia.

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