A family moved out of their Detroit home and left everything that they didn’t want by the edge of the curb.  Tragically, this also included their pet pit bull.  He was spotted laying on a discarded mattress out in front of the house loyally waiting for his family to return home.

Credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

A photo was taken of this very sad scene and it has since gone viral.  There have been well over 20,000 reactions to this story on social media and many people have flooded this dogs rescuer with adoption offers.

Dustin Oliver, founder of  Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue, got a tip that the pit bull was abandoned from a neighbor.  She said that she had called several other rescue operations, but none had responded.  Oliver went right to where the dog was and found him laying on the mattress just waiting for his lost family.

“He was being as loyal as a dog always is,” Oliver said. “That could’ve been the mattress he slept on with his owner. That smell was probably still there.”

Credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Dustin took his time with the dog he named “Boo,” because of the markings on the dog that look like those letters.  At first Boo ran away.  He had to come to terms with the reality that his owners were not coming back.  Oliver stayed with the dog until 1am, talking to him and getting on ground level with him.  After more than 10 hours, Boo finally allowed Oliver to put a leash on him.

Boo was taken to a vet where it was determined that he had a heart worm, but was otherwise in good condition.

Credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

“He’s awesome,” Oliver said. “He’s 100 percent pit bull; he’s forgiving, loving, trusting. His whole lovable personality has come out.”

The goal now is to find a forever family for Boo from the Detroit area.  It shouldn’t be hard. . .there is a ton of interest!