She may be 3 years old, but this girl already has her dad wrapped around her finger. Nellee Rossi has already been portrayed as Wonder Woman, Little Red Riding Hood and Hua Mulan by her father, Josh Rossi, who is a commercial photographer. And this year for Valentine’s Day, he went a little overboard.

Nelly’s current obsession is the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and she adores Belle. So it gave him an idea. He had already been traveling to Europe, so he was able to photograph real castles, including the Neuschanstein Castle in Germany, which was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland, California.

“I took some background shots of the castle, some surroundings. We had somebody donate three of the replica dresses that they created, for a kids’ version. The I got home and did a photo shoot of her. So it’s this magical, Disney-type series for Valentine’s Day,” said Rossi.

And as expected, Nellee was ecstatic! During the photoshoot, she wanted to reenact certain parts of the movie, especially the dancing scene, which she had memorized. She was most excited about that part, because she would finally be able to act it out and dance with the Beast-played by Josh Rossi himself.

She loved the scene so much. She had so much fun with it, and was so happy to be able to reenact it. So he decided that for Valentine’s Day, he would surprise her with an enlarged portrait version of it as a special gift.

“I wanted to give that to her because it represented my love for her and how special she is to me,” commented Rossi.

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