Wild Stallions are perhaps some of the most beautiful creatures in all the earth. They majestic manes flowing in the air as they run in their pack is absolutely breathtaking. One wild stallion named Champ was eating near the bank of the Salt River in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest along with the rest of her group.

Shortly after grazing began, another group of horses showed up on the opposite side of the river. The interest between herds sparked and a few horses began to cross the river. However, the current was stronger than expected and the youngest filly of the group was swept away.

Champ attempted to grab the filly by the next, but missed right at the last minute. Then the horse disappeared for a few seconds and resurfaced just in time to see Champ breaking from the group and chasing after her. Champ bites her neck and pulls her back to the group and hangs on until he was sure it was safe.

The young filly seemed terrified as she ran to her mother. Then within moments, Champ crosses the river and greets the new horses.

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Source: Beautiful Wild Stallion Rescues A Filly That Is Drowning! by nikosbrihmani on Rumble