This is one of the most intense and beautiful rescues I’ve ever seen. Firefighter Bob Swick literally dived through a window into a burning home without a second thought for his life. The reason why? There was a baby inside.

Her name was Chelsea.

Chelsea’s mom was in hysteria outside. The mother pleaded that her baby would be okay. Moment by moment passed and Swick still hadn’t emerged from the house. At this point the baby has been in the smoke too long. Prayer and a miracle was the only hope they had left. Smoke continued to pour out the window in what seemed like bigger and bigger droves.

At this point, onlookers assumed that Chelsea would have passed and the fire probably consumed the firefighter as well. Right as another firefighter, Scott Lewis, rushed to the top of the ladder to save his friend, Swick broke through the smoke with something tiny in his hand.


Swick handed the baby to Lewis who already ripped his mask off and began giving rescue breaths to the child. Lewis climbed backwards down the ladder, while carrying the child, and administering rescue breaths…both these men are heroes! When Lewis hit the ground, he took off for what we assume was the ambulance.

Although Chelsea suffered some injuries, she was able to leave the hospital after a WEEK! The baby is now a teenager, but she will remember these first responders for the rest of her life! Thank God for miracles and first responders!

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