When people see a dog swimming in a pond, or any body of water really, no one thinks much of it. But that changes when the body of water is iced over, and the dog is not swimming for fun, but swimming for it’s life, like Maggie had been.

Maggie had walked along the ice, and suddenly, it cracked. Passerby Emily Andrea Robertson filmed the entire scene, and was concerned for the dogs life.

“I almost didn’t walk the way I did on the pond but I’m glad I did! I saw Maggie had broken through the ice and her owner, William was shouting for her. Ran over and took off my boots and prepared to go in if she went under (I know it’s not too deep over then because I’ve been wading there) but the ice broke pretty quickly underfoot, so I decided to call 911,” commented Robertson.

The Boston Fire Department received the call, and Steven MacDonald, the departments spokesman, had said that the initial call indicated that a person had fallen into the water, not a dog. When they arrived on the scene, it was pretty clear that no person was in danger, but a dog was.

A firefighter then got on a survival suit and used a hook to break the ice surrounding Maggie, and then miraculously carried her to land, where she was welcomed by a team of firefighters and her owner. We are so thankful that Maggie was rescued, and is doing wonderful!

Maggie after being rescued…

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