The young pit bull was discovered by a firefighter tied up in the rain.  The puppy was sick and there was no one around to claim her, no one making sure she was safe.  The dog was left alone outside in the harsh elements.  The dog’s rescuer was a firefighter named Mike Thawley from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, California.  Mike cleaned her up and took her to Front Street Animal Shelter for some much needed medical attention.

The great staff at this shelter began treating her mange and wrapped her in warm clothing to protect her skin.  They named the pup “Chunkie.”  There was no doubt that Chunkie was grateful to be rescued from neglect and abuse, but the shelter workers noticed that she was still sad.

When Mike Thawley, Chunkie’s hero, came back to visit, their reunion was absolutely incredible.  Chunkie came alive and showed Mike the kind of love he deserved as the man who saved her life.  Now Mike is speaking to his family about becoming a foster family for Chunkie.  Soon we hope that he will be taking this precious pup to his home so the two can deepen their already loving relationship.

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