At first the dog was energetic, barking and working to get out of the hole in the thin ice he had fallen through. But before long, the dog was lethargic and ready to give up due to the coldness of the water and the hypothermia that was setting in.


The firefighters in Michigan came on to the scene just in time and they risked their lives to save the family pet. Fire Chief, Gregory Holman said that he knew they had to get out there to save the dog.

In the amazing video below, you can see the firefighers from the White Lake Fire Authority gingerly moving out into the middle of the lake. As one of the heroes gets closer to the hole where the dog fell through, he begins to crawl towards the dying dog.

The brave rescuer was able to secure the dog with a rope and then he yelled: “Pull!” The crew on the shoreline pulled the dog out of the freezing water and the firefighter can be seen carrying the golden retriever back to the safety of solid ground.

Chief Holman had this to say about their rescue efforts: “Looking at an ice rescue situation involving animals, if it’s a deer, we’re probably not going to endanger our staff and put them out on the ice. But for a family pet like a dog, we’ll do our best to rescue ’em.”

The local heroes described how good it feels to make this kind of rescue and how they look forward to reuniting this dog with his family.

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