The recent flooding from Hurricane Matthew has disrupted and forever changed thousands of people’s lives.  So many were forced to evacuate their homes.  What many do not know is how many countless animals were left behind to fend for themselves.  One of the tragic elements of such devastation is the predicament pets are placed in during the chaos.


A group of firefighters in North Carolina went above and beyond to save some of our furry friends.  They heard a puppy yelping for help.  They trudged through the black water following the sound of the dog’s voice.  Finally, they found a scared beagle on top of a truck.

With the dog still yelping hysterically, they searched even further and found a whole family of beagles trapped in crates with no chance of survival.  These amazing firefighters risked their lives by trudging through floodwaters to save these precious pups.  There is no doubt that as the waters rose, these dogs would surely have died.

It is unclear why this family of beagles were left behind, but thank goodness there are men and woman who not only care about the human devastation that comes with a flood, but also the loss of animal life that is also a part of the devastation.

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