Three fishermen were out on their boat, Legacy, when they all experienced a once in a lifetime event. A whale was trapped in crab pots near the bay and these men risked their lives to save it(Video below)!


When the fishermen first saw they whale they knew there wasn’t enough time to call anyone else for help. It was either now or never if they wanted to save this creature’s life. One crewman, Valentine Parnel, described the experience saying, “Mark comes along side it and we notice that its blowhole was spouting off… it’s trapped. Absolutely trapped.”

“I mean it was cutting into him to where he was bleeding, I don’t know how long it would have been til he’s getting ripped apart by sharks,” deck boss, Ken Garliepp said. “He definitely needed help.”

So the men did that very thing. Using hooks and knives, the men pulled the scared whale close and slowly began cutting it free. Because of the whale’s fear and aggressiveness, the men didn’t make much impact right away, but then a miracle happened.


“it would come and it would roll over and be like, almost showing us where the lines were on its fins,” said Parnell. Garliepp added, “Once we started getting stuff cut off, it was like he knew we were trying to help him, you know.”


The men eventually cut the whale completely free and it then proceeded to swim around the boat several times as if protecting the boat! Although this whale owes its life to these crew members, they don’t think it was anything they did. They just believe they were in the right spot at the right time!

“It was a great feeling, a really great feeling,” Garliepp said as he summed up the whole event!

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Article via CBSlocal