A family from Chesterfield, Virginia, is saying they wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for their German Shepherd, Zeus.

Midnight had just passed when the two adults and four children rushed out of their home, as it burned all around them. The Fire started near their chimney and carried to their roof.


“Fire crews arrived to find heavy fire from the side of the house involving the chimney. Firefighters extinguished the fire from the outside of the home and then went inside the home to extinguish the fire that extended into the house,” said the rescue companies spokesperson Lt. Jason Elmore.

The real story happens just before the family knew about the fire. Jim Ludwig and his wife stayed up much later than normal when Zeus, their German shepherd, began barking like crazy.


“Our three year old German Shepherd started growling and barking out the back window,” said Mr. Ludwig. “My wife looked outside and she said she could hear something was going on in the yard and there was a lot of light outside. When I stepped out on the back porch I could see the chimney was completely on fire. Fire was extending up the side of the house and up the roof line.”


The fire continued over the children’s bedrooms but the family was able to get the children out thanks to Zeus’s alarm. The family gives all credit to their dog Zeus and say if it wasn’t for them, their family wouldn’t have been safe!

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