It is Girl Scout cookie selling season, so seeing stands outside of local grocery stores is nothing out of the ordinary. But this, this was not something people, yet alone police, hear and see everyday.

Right outside of a Union City grocery store stood a 12 year old girl and her mother selling cookies. When a man approached them asking about buying some cookies, they thought nothing of it. But he had left without purchasing any.

Not too long after, a man came up to the two, shown them his pistol and robbed the girl’s mother of an undisclosed amount of cash received from the cookie sale. After taking the money, he fled the parking lot.

When the Union City Police Officers Association heard of the incident, they were heartbroken. Many of them have children involved with scouting, so it hit them a little hard.

The police felt so bad for the girl and her mother, that they purchased all of the girl’s remaining boxes of cookies, and even made a donation.

Sgt. Steve Mendez said that when his officers heard of the robbery, they said, “Oh my God and started busting out their wallets and handing money over.” Of the 28 years Mendez has worked for the department, he has never heard of a similar story.

The girl and her mother received a check to cover the cost of all of the unsold cookies, and a cash donation from all of the department officers.

“I’m just glad no one was hurt and we were able to change a negative thing into something positive for the mom and her daughter. It was traumatic for them,” said Mendez.

We are thankful that this mom and daughter were not harmed by this guys actions, and we are also thankful for these police officers and everything they have done for these two!

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