The Boston Red Sox recently had an open house, where visitors could watch, look around, and even get lucky enough to have a team member sign your baseball, that is, if you could wait in the long line. And that’s exactly what 7 year old Makenna Woodburn did, until she spotted someone in the distance.

She was in the long line, waiting to have a player sign her baseball, when she saw a hero. She stepped out of line and lost her place, and went up to Olyvia Russell, who is in her first year with the Reserves.

Olyvia had been wearing her camouflage uniform for the event, but was still surprised when Makenna came up to her. And what she asked Russell left her speechless.

Instead of having a famous baseball player sign her baseball, Makenna wanted Russell to sign it because, “She’s the hero instead of baseball players.”

Makenna won’t let the ball out of her sight, and has said that she is going to save her allowance to get a case to hold the baseball, and is even taking it with her to school for “Show and Tell.”

“This little girl, she proved to me that what I’m doing in life is okay, that I’m doing something that is good enough,” said Russell.

We definitely agree with Makenna that Olyvia is definitely a hero. And we wish Olyvia the best in furthering her Military training.

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