I grew up with neighbors a few houses down from me who had many dogs. When I say “many dogs” I mean they had at least a dozen total, most of which were outside. Despite the dogs barking at all hours and the owner receiving quite a few complaints, not much was done.

When a complaint of an incessantly barking dog reached the Gwinnett County Animal Control, something had to be done. According to the report a dog in Stone Mountain, Georgia, had been barking for hours and residents wanted it to stop.

Responding Officer Hunter Barnett responded to the call and arrived at the address that he was given but found no dog. He did, however, hear the constant barking that was described. He searched the area quite extensively and still found nothing.

Feeling increasingly frustrated, the officer tried to find the direction of the dog’s yap. He determined a small wooded area to be promising and walked that way. Inside the trees ran a small creek that barely qualified as anything more than a bog.

Here he heard whimpering and upon a closer inspection, he found a dog buried up to its neck in mud. As you would expect the dog was not very receptive to Barnett’s assistance at first. He took his time to pet the stressed animal and comfort him.

The exhausted animal growled at him, seeming very uncomfortable. He took his time, slowly approaching the dog, extending his hand slightly as to not seem a threat. He spoke softly to it to comfort it.

At last, the pup allowed him to get close. At this point it seemed to realize what Officer Barnett was trying to was not hurt it. He worked cautiously, taking care to pull limbs up one at a time and working its body out of the mire.

Officer Barnett said that he does not believe that Moses was buried there on purpose, but rather he got himself stuck.

After some time, the officer and the dog emerged from the woods, muddy but free. Moses, as the dog was named, was visibly joyful to be exhumed from his wet trap.

The pair set out for Two Tailz Rescue, dog in man’s arms. When they arrived, the rescue readily took Moses in. They cleaned him up and took extensive care of him; he was found to have Demodex mange and infection in both of his eyes.

Two Tailz posted Moses’ progress of their social media page and are still asking for a foster family for him.

I think in this case the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Thank goodness Moses was able to keep his head up (literally) and let residents know he needed help!


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