Have you ever had to help something or someone but had to wait for one reason or another? Maybe the location wasn’t safe and you couldn’t move forward until it was. Maybe you didn’t have all the resources needed and had to wait. The wait is the hardest part, who knows what will happen in that time.

A group of good Samaritans were in this predicament when they stumbled a dog who got trapped in a storm drain in Northern Peru. The hungry mutt was looking for food in the sewer tunnel when she poked her head through a tiny hole in the wall and got stuck.

The dog, now known as Nikki, was in a tricky position. Police and locals began to dig out dirt below Nikki’s head, but that failed. Next, the group tried to carefully drill around the dog’s neck to widen the hold. Eventually the ladder option worked and the dog was pulled out of the sewer.

The dog split almost as soon as she was pulled from the sewer, but locals caught her later and determined she had no injuries from the ordeal. Hopefully Nikki will find a forever home now that this news article is going so viral!

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