This is a story about a puppy that should not be alive.  His leg was cut off by a homeless man in LA who strangled him and then threw him 30 feet down into a ravine.  A rescuer from “Hope for Paws” found him shaking and sitting on a Cheetos bag in the shallow water.  He had been severely abused, missing a leg, covered in mange and in the water of the ravine for several days. . .but Jordan was alive.

The heroic rescuer took him straight to a doctor.  They thought he would be rushed right into surgery, but found he was too fragile to get the immediate help.  The dog got a blood transfusion, multiple baths and then the life saving surgery.  They named the puppy Jordan, just like the river in the Bible.

The people at Hope for Paws provided the expertise as well as a lot of TLC.  Their organization exists to rescue animals who are suffering, facing death or extreme danger.  They focus on animals that nobody else seems able to save.  Hope for Paws pays all the medical costs.  Their goal is to work with other organizations to find permanent, loving homes for the animals once they are rescued and healed.

Jordan was taken from a puppy near death to a fully grown and loved dog who cashed in on his new lease on life.  Watch the video below and see the amazing transformation.  Please share this wonderful story with your friends.