Alyssa Kamm thought that she had at least 2 years to plan her wedding, but her time was cut down. Really cut down. She only had 3 weeks.

She recently learned her father had cancer, and was not given much time left.

“I’m very much a daddy’s girl. I always have been. To think the one person I look up to as my hero may not be able to walk down the isle was devastating,” said Kamm.

But with the help of a bunch of strangers, she was able to pull off the 3 week wedding planning in no time.

They received donated flowers, a venue, photography, music and many other services from business owners and managers throughout Rochester, New York.

Alyssa said that the sisters of her then-fiance immediately went into action. They wanted to help the couple, and get the wedding on as soon as possible.

The sisters wanted to do everything they could to avoid having a backyard wedding. They wanted to give her something nice enough that everyone would enjoy and that her family would be able to attend too.

The girls posted on Facebook about Alyssa’s story, and it caught the eye of one woman. Bethany Colburn.

Colburn is a photographer, and was excited to be able to help. She got a hold of her friend who is a DJ, and they began to gather some other people to help as well.

“All the vendors — we call them our fairy god dream team. They didn’t know us, and they just started offering their services and the ball kept on rolling. It shocked me,” said Alyssa’s father, Karl Jones.

Everything needed for a wedding was donated, and it pulled together nicely. We are so glad people were so generous in offering their services to allow Karl to walk his daughter down the aisle.

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