Wild horses convey an image of independence, strength and beauty.  We picture them running free with their manes blowing in the wind.  What we sometimes forget is that these animals are subject to the elements and can suffer greatly as they fend for themselves in the wild.  Somehow were don’t picture wild horses suffering like we might picture a dogs or a cat left on their own.

Credit: http://www.express.co.uk

Like any other animal, a wild horse or pony can fall victim to their wild environment.  That’s exactly what happened to a beautiful black and white pony now known as “Buggy.”  Buggy was spotted by Chloe Atkins.  She saw him from a distance and knew that there was something terribly wrong.  She immediately called World Horse Welfare and they quickly got involved.

Sarah Tucker, a World Horse Welfare field officer, arrived on the scene and found that Buggy was being eaten alive by maggots.  He was nearly unable to stand.  Tucker brought Buggy in to their care and now he is recovering nicely.  Their focus now is for Buggy to gain some weight.

As you watch the video below, be warned that there are graphic images of Buggy’s wounds.  You will see how crucial it is for organizations like World Horse Welfare to exist.  Because of them, one beautiful wild pony will once again roam free and strong.