Gizmo the cat may be just 1 year old, but she has learned quite a lot in her lifetime, and may have even given up one of her nine lives to save her owners lives.

Ron Perkins was asleep on the couch in his home, while everyone else was in their bedrooms. While they were sleeping, an oven mitt that was left on the toaster in the kitchen suddenly caught on fire, and smoke was beginning to fill the house.

Gizmo noticed something was wrong. She knew that she had to do something, and she went to alert her owner on the couch.

“The cat, Gizmo – the cat had her front paws on the cushion just meowing she would not stop. When I opened my eyes, I realized the house was full of smoke,” said Perkins during an interview.

As he woke up seeing smoke, he was able to go an extinguish the small fire before it got bigger and had the chance to spread.

The family of five thoroughly believe if she hadn’t woken him up, they would have been found dead the next morning. And to thank her for saving them, she has been showered with treats and cuddles.

“I’ve never heard of this ever in my life, that a cat would save the day, but she certainly did, she saved us all. I think the cat ought to get an award,” said Perkins.

And we agree! We are so thankful for Gizmo and her saving their lives. It truly is amazing!

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