Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend, and this little pooch sure proved that when he took a bullet to the back for his best friend.

The dog and his owner were on a walk around 4 a.m. when three muggers ran up to him, and pulled out a gun. The dog and man were frightened, and the dog let out a yelp, which startled the one suspect.

The man instinctively fired on round, shooting the dog in the lower back. As the poor puppy reeled in pain, the men took the victims cell phone and ran off.

The wounded lil pup was taken to an ASPCA facility, where the vets treated his battle wound, and removed the bullet. Luckily, the dog was okay, and will be making a full recovery.

We are so thankful that the man is okay, and that the puppy will be making a remarkable recovery! We hope they find the men soon. SHARE this post to send your best wishes to this brave little dog!