He awakened in the middle of the night to find that his wife, Tina Costello, was moving erratically. She said, “My right arm’s hurting really badly.” She also complained of severe tightness in her chest. He knew she had to get to the hospital quickly. . .should he call 911 and wait for an ambulance? The road from their house to the hospital is long and some of it is not even paved. Or should he just put her in his truck and drive as fast as he could?

Jeff Litty wakes up his teenage daughter Britney and the family is on the road within five minutes. They keep Tina talking, but 20 miles into the trip to the hospital, she falls off of the back seat onto the floorboard. Jeff pulled over. . .Tina was not breathing.

“There was no response. I checked her pulse. She had no pulse, and her face was turning purple,” Litty said as he held his face in his hands just recalling the incident. “I was panicked. It is the middle of the night. The woman you love is completely unresponsive, and you are about halfway between home and the hospital.”

Jeff jumped back behind the wheel and took off. He headed to a place where there usually was a police officer waiting for someone to break the speed limit. Sure enough the officer turned on his lights and went after Jeff driving at a high rate of speed.

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Blanchard Police Officer Jordan Jones saw the speeding truck with hazard lights on and instinctively knew something was wrong. After pulling the truck over, Jeff jumped out of the vehicle and yelled, “My wife is having a heart attack!”

The dashcam on the police cruiser catches the heroic effort of Officer Jones. He relays the emergency to disbatch and asks Jeff to help get his wife from the truck onto the ground. By this point Tina hasn’t had a breath for 2 minutes. Officer Jordan begins CPR.

Jeff sobs, “I can ‘t lose Mama. . .Oh Sweeheart! Oh she’s gone!”

Jones reassures him, “No she’s not, she’s got a weak pulse.”

As Jeff pleads with Tina, “Baby, hang in there, Baby!” There is a sign of life. . .Tina takes a breath.

First responders arrive and transport Tina to the hospital where cardiologist Jeff Crook is ready for her to arrive. He opens the artery that is 90% blocked and Tina was on her way to a full recovery.

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Dr. Crook said that there was no way she would have lived without the efforts of Officer Jones. Brittany and Jeff consider him to be an angel and their hero. Jones said, “It is still a little bit of unbelievable, I guess the word is. Every night I go out to make a difference in somebody’s lives, and it was just a night I won.”

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