The 911 went out, the baby’s mother was frantic, her child was choking and unable to breath.  Greenville, Georgia police officer Kenneth Knox arrived on the scene within minutes.  The 2-month-old baby was nearly unconscious and already blue.  The parents had been trying CPR without success.

“I’m a devout Christian and at that moment, it had to be God who just told me, ‘Hey, try sucking it out,’” he told the media.  After four or five tries, the cereal stuck in the baby’s windpipes came out with such force that the officer ended up swallowing it!

A second later, the baby started to cry…Knox called it “sweet music to my ears.”


The committed officer returned the next day to check on the baby and a Facebook photo of him holding the child, whose name is Ma’Yavi Parham, has been seen by close to 70,000 people!  “Out of my 25 years being a cop this is my greatest and most profound accomplishment and it made every second of those 25 years worth it all,” he wrote on the post. “I am forever humbled and changed by this. little miss Parham will forever be a part of my life…”

Well, that last statement is more true that he might have realized. . .because the baby’s mother has asked Officer Knox to become the child’s godfather.  And he said yes!

“He saved her life — literally saved her life. I don’t think nobody else could take the place of godfather for her than Kenneth,” said Parham, 19. “And their bond is already so amazing.”  They are in the process of setting a date for a christening and Knox is ready to stand with this family as godfather.