Hoda Kotb, the Today Show co-anchor, announced some pretty stunning news, and everyone is taken aback by it. She announced that she is now a mom, after she adopted a baby girl.

Hoda adopted baby Haley Joy Kotb, and is so happy to finally be a mother. Haley was born on Valentines Day, and Hoda, 52 years old, said that “She is the love of my life.”

Now if you have ever watched The Today show with her on-screen partner Kathie Lee Gifford, you would be surprised to know that she hasn’t said a word about the adoption, and has kept it a secret for quite some time.

“How hard it has been to keep this a secret. I have the biggest mouth in the world and I’ve said zilch,” said Hoda.

She had been giving hints on her Instagram, and used it to announce baby Haley to the world.

Everyone is so excited for Hoda and her new baby girl Haley, and people have even told her, she was made to be a mom.. And we agree! We can’t wait to be able to watch Hoda take on this new responsibility and to watch Haley Joy grow into a beautiful little girl!

So many children need good homes all around the world, and we are so thankful that Hoda knew that, and decided to take a child in. It truly is a wonderful thing.

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