She was on hard times.  Lisa Snyder was homeless and forced to live in her broken down van with her three cats.  They barely had enough to get by and her medical condition made it very painful to walk.  But Lisa came across something that was even more desperate than her situation.


She found a one-year-old male pointer mix left on the side of the road and tied to a pole.  As she got closer to the growling, confused dog she saw a note around its neck that read:

“My name is Joey.  I am looking for a home, please take care of me!!”

Lisa is an animal lover and a person of deep faith.  She knew that she had to do something, but now it was pouring rain in San Pedro, CA.  Lisa called the authorities and several shelters, but because it was already evening, no one could come and get the dog.  Someone suggested that she take the dog to an animal drop off shelter that was 3 miles away.

But remember earlier in this story?  Her van was inoperable, it was pouring rain, dark and walking was very painful for her.  But Lisa Snyder went above and beyond the call of duty for her new pal Joey!


Despite her medical issues, she endured the pain and set off for the shelter.  Her adrenaline was so high that she forgot her jacket and her walking stick.  She trudged on through the rain the whole three miles.  What should have taken an hour took Lisa all night, but she managed to get Joey to the shelter by morning.


Forte Animal Rescue took over.  They provided medical care and even adoption resources for Joey.  He is now healthy and happy in a forever family.  And what about Lisa?  The San Pedro community found out about her help for Joey and started a GoFundMe page where they raised $3,500 to say thank you for her above and beyond sacrifice.

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Source: Good Samaritan Walks 3 Miles to Save Dog Tied to a Pole and Abandoned in Park – PAWsitive by HacksandWhacks on Rumble