An unimaginable loss for the Gordillo family has closure thanks to an incredible person.

Chase Bartley was driving down New Warrington Road when he came across a terrible accident. A single vehicle motorcycle crash with the rider lying on the shoulder. Bartley immediately stopped his own car and ran to the unconscious man.

According to police, the rider was Daniel Gordillo, a recent graduate of boot camp. Daniel had just recently started technical training at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Not only that, he had married his 21-year-old wife just ten days prior to the accident.

Upon reaching the side of Gordillo, Chase Bartley could see things were not good at all. This didn’t prompt him to give up though. Daniel had lost both of his legs from the shins down. This led Chase to believe that maybe he had tried to stop the motorcycle with his feet moments before striking the guardrail.

Chase cut the Navy hoodie off of the injured man to use as a tourniquet, but when he checked his pulse, realized this effort was futile. There was no pulse. Chase pulled his eyelids down, closing them forever. Then he stayed with the young man until authorities arrived a short time later.

After she heard about the accident, Daniel’s aunt Katherine Tillman tracked Chase down through social media posts. They spent most of the next day talking about the event and the young man they’d lost. She told how Daniel’s family has served in the Navy for a very long time. That’s how she met his uncle.

She recalled that Daniel used to fondly wear a Navy hat everywhere he went.

Tillman is very thankful for the respect that Chase showed her nephew. She says that the entire family is so grateful that someone was at the scene to be able to tell them what happened. Not many people get the closure that they have had the privilege of getting, a reality that makes them all the more thankful.

Despite the fact that Tillman and the Gordillo family are very grateful for his amazing deed, Chase doesn’t feel like he did much to help. He feels unfortunate that even though he had gone through basic training himself, he never had medical training. Even if he had, there probably wasn’t enough time to save Gordillo.

Tillman believes he did more than enough, however. Not only does the family have closure, but Daniel did not die alone. He at least had a good-hearted soul to stay by his side until he passed, which comforts the family to no end in their loss.

Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.                                                                       –Kahlil Gibran

Thank you to Chase for showing kindness to Daniel in his last moments.