When John Clarke was born in 1926, his mother wasn’t married, something that was not socially acceptable at the time. So for 14 months, she cared for him inside of St Kevin’s Orphanage and hospital, and then she was discharged and she moved, leaving her son behind.

His mother, Mary went on to marry Arthur Lockley, and the two had 6 children together-Joyce, Arthur, Brian, Judith, Bonita and Valerie.

In 1932, John was placed in a foster home, and he hasn’t left the area since, and still continues to live in the same house.

John has spent time in the army and worked at a mill until he retired. When John was in his 70’s, he began thinking about his biological family and wanted to trace his family tree. But there was one problem, the details on his birth certificate weren’t very detailed, and gave little information.

after his wife had passed in 2006, John’s brother-in-law Tom decided he would help John find his family. They spent months tracing numerous leads, and most of which led them no where.

“One time we thought we had found a family but we had got it wrong and we were distraught,” said Tom.

Then back in 2015, he decided to enlist genealogist Hilda McCauley to the case. She began searching through old records, and then just 1 year later, she began to fit some pieces together. She found out that his mother Mary had another family who lived in Birmingham.

In August in 2016, the two families finally connected, and the Lockley’s-Mary’s family- had no idea that their mother had a son from a previous relationship, and were delighted that John had reached out to them.

After sending continuous emails, John began to find out more about his mother and family, and after seeing pictures, he realized he even shared some physical similarities, especially with his half-brother Brian.

After suffering a stroke, his two half sisters Valerie and Bonnie decided to fly over to meet him.

“It was very emotional. They brought photos of their mother Mary and exchanged stories and got to catch up. It was unbelievable and meant a lot to John,” said Tom.

We are so glad that John has been able to reconnect with his family, and find out information about his mother and siblings.

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