I would be inclined to believe that the stories we love to read the most, the stories that really hit home, are the ones relatable to our own humanity. I don’t mean to sound like a philosopher, but the fact of the matter is that we are all human, so it stands to reason that we should enjoy each other…being compassionate humans.

One such story is that of Tarrant County deputy constable Mark Diebold and his heroic delivery of little Evelyn.

He was driving to work near Granbury, Texas one morning when a black Jeep Cherokee sped aggressively past him.

Mark had been having questions in regards to his role as a police officer due to recent events that caught the publics eye. Such events had put pretty much every officer in a negative light.

He prayed for a sign from God if he should remain a police officer, and he believes he got one.

He knew something was up with that SUV so he signaled for it to pull over before the driver ended up hurting someone or himself. He held to the rear of the vehicle as they eased onto the shoulder.

Diebold exited his own, and carefully approached the vehicle to find a panicked couple in the front two seats: husband Caleb Hall driving and his wife Destiny, starting to go into labor.

He rushed back to his car to call an ambulance, then he moved back to let the couple know one was on the way. At this moment in time, Destiny informed both men that Evelyn was apparently tired of waiting. They needed to find a place very close by to pull off the road and prepare to deliver the baby.

At a Quik Stop gas station, Diebold held the woman’s hand as he instructed husband Caleb on what to do. In no time, a 6 pound 11-ounce baby was successfully breathing air from the back of the Cherokee.

A year later, officer Diebold has become a close family friend to the Halls. They found the perfect way to celebrate Evelyn’s first birthday, as well as the historical moment that brought them all together, a tea party!

Well, the tea party is the setting for a photo shoot but it is adorable nonetheless. Diebold and Evelyn even clink cups together in one shot, the ultimate show of comradery.

Courtesy: Destiny Hall-Facebook

Destiny said the tea party was a special bonding moment for them; all her kids refer to Diebold as “Uncle Mark”. He has become as much of a family member to them as any blood relative, and even more of a blessing throughout the past year.

Diebold says that the roadside birth was the sign he had been looking for during that difficult time. I guess it was a win/win situation.

Thank you to the men and woman in blue. You are rarely given the respect and thanks you deserve!

Article via: WISTV & CBS Local

Image source: Cyndi Williams Photography