For a five year old, being sick is never fun. They just want to go out and play. But it get’s worse when the five year old is battling cancer. So this community is coming together to give little Timmy Nelson a boost for Valentine’s Day.

Timmy is a kindergartener at Waverly City Schools, and his family just learned that the tumor on the roof of his mouth in cancerous.

Timmy’s mother Cassandra will have to drop out of her Early Childhood Education Classes to be able to care for Timmy. But the community didn’t want the story to end there. So students and faculty have started a campaign to raise at least 1,000 cards for Timmy for Valentine’s Day.

“I thought, ‘He’s going to miss her Valentine’s Day party.’ Who doesn’t remember that? You know, the box, the Valentine’s Day cards, the cupcakes, the little hearts…and I said we are going to do a Valentine drive,” said Jamie Harmount, the Assistant Professor in the Early Childhood Program at Ohio University.

But this drive is now bigger than they expected. They have received cards from across Ohio, and from schools from every district. Everyone wants to make this Valentine’s Day special for Timmy.

And his classmates are even taking it a step further, and are collecting donations to help the family deal with the commute from Southern Ohio to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

The family has no words to express their gratitude. They are so thankful for everything everyone has done for their son and their family. This story is so touching, and we hope that Timmy will get better as soon as possible! To show your support, SHARE this post!



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