There has been a video floating around of a horrible man in Liverpool kicking a little Jack Russell/Corgi mix in public. The man kicks the dog so hard that he actually lifts it into the air, spraying blood on the pavement in the process.

A man who witnessed the incident first hand decided he had to do something for the helpless dog. Michael Lamb owns and runs Maggie’s Farm Organics, which is where he was when he saw the stranger harming the poor little canine.

Michael is a father of three children so his soft spot was stirred.

“I was getting messages after the attack saying, ‘Do you know about this fella?’ and I did,” he said. “I thought ‘I’m not having this.'”

He closed the doors of his shop and crossed the street. He walked briskly up to the owner’s front door.

Michael knocked on the door and immediately heard barks he recognized as the dog he saw being kicked. He had it in his mind that in one way or another he was going to take the poor dog home. If the idiot would openly kick an animal in public like that, one could only imagine what could happen behind closed doors!

The owner finally answered the door, interrupting Michael’s thoughts. The first thing he noticed was the partially dried blood still on the dogs face. He pleaded with the man to let him take the dog as it was quite obvious it wasn’t welcome there anymore. It didn’t take very much convincing and soon the brown and white canine was in Michael’s arms.

He took it straight back to the shop to recover from its emotional and physical wounds. He renamed it “Sconehead” which is quite fitting in some creative sort of way.

Sadly, Sconehead can’t stay with Michael’s family because they already have a dog, Piper. The concern is that Sconehead and Piper won’t get along due to the way he had been treated. Despite the poor prior treatment, Michael says that he is doing much better and has transformed from a scared dog into a “chill lad” less than a day since his rescue.

Michael took it upon himself to find Sconehead the perfect family. In the mean time, he contacted the RSPCA to check him over and make sure he has no serious injuries or illness.

Michael didn’t have to do much searching to find a home because he was soon flooded with offers to take the dog. He settled on a girl who actually ran another shop just down the road from his and a person he already knew. This girl, Kerry Thomas, has been looking to rescue a dog for awhile and this was the perfect opportunity.

She said that as soon as she saw Sconehead, it was love at first sight.

Michael is thrilled to have a good home for him, but at the same time, “I’m devastated. I’m going to miss him.”

Thank you to Michael for stepping in and taking Sconehead from the horrible situation he was in! It’s hard to imagine anyone would be okay with treating a dog like that, but it’s awesome that there are good people in the world who will make a difference.