Joey and Allison Maxwell were overjoyed when they adopted Maverick from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina.  Maverick was one year old and already a big dog, but people were never nervous around him.  He was popular with people of all ages.  If the Maxwell’s said it once, they said it a 1000 times, Everybody loves Maverick.”


But 8 years later, Maverick was diagnosed with lymphoma.  After some successful treatments, the cancer roared back aggressively and the Maxwell’s feared the worst.  “He was anemic, had an infection, and we really thought we were going to lose him,” Joey Maxwell says. “He spent two nights and three days in the ICU, then they told us that we were bringing him home for Hospice care.”

Joey and Allison decided to make sure that Maverick’s last day was his best day ever even if he could no longer walk.  They went to their local Lowe’s to buy a wagon so Maverick could lie down comfortably, but the wagons were much more than they thought.  When Joey explained to the Lowe’s worker why he needed the wagon, the worker told Joey to come back in an hour.


When they came back to the store, the wagon was waiting and they sold it to them at a discount.


“I hadn’t even told them about the money thing,” Maxwell says. “He had just decided to do that out of the kindness of his heart. So I, of course, lost it, blubbering right there at the cash register. Then, the cashier broke down, too, and we had a nice little cry together.”


They outfitted the wagon with Maverick’s favorite mattress and plenty of blankets and then they hit the town.  Maverick was treated to burgers and dog friendly ice cream.  As usual, everyone who encountered Maverick loved him.  Even frail, Maverick had lost any of his friendliness.

But that’s not all that happened on the day. . .Maverick started to get better!  Ever since that big day out, Maverick’s health is improving!  And since he now has a bunch more friends, Joey and Allison have been taking him out on his wagon more often.

“I really believe that what has helped him improve more than anything is all this positivity and love he’s been receiving. He hasn’t had the time to think about being sick because he’s been getting so much love from around the world.” Joey said.