Not long ago, there was a widely circulated story on social media about an heroic man who jumped into the floodwaters to save some drowning horses.  It was a story of bravery.  The man recognized that these horses were probably a part of someone’s family.  He risked his life so that they could be saved.

This is a story about a stallion named Champ and a wild filly that was about to drown in a swift moving river.  It’s a story about an heroic horse that saved another young horse.  Champ and his family were grazing along the bank of the Salt River in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest.  Another family of horses arrived on the opposite river bank.

Several from the visiting family became intrigued with Champ’s family of horses.  They walked into the river to cross it. Suddenly, the strong current forced one of the fillies of the group to be swept downstream.  For a moment, the young horse goes under the water.

Champ rushes into the water, breaking from his group.  He grabs the filly by the neck and gently helps her back to her family.  He doesn’t let her go until he knows that she is safe.  The filly is shaken and heads directly to her mother.  Champ goes back to the group of stallions on the river bank.

As you watch this incredible video, and see the regal stature of the stallion, Champ. . .you get the sense that this is not the first rescue that he has been a part of.  This is an amazing animal.