It feels good to be the hero, just ask anyone. And for this driver, being a hero came with a few perks.

Manfred Kick, 41, was driving his Telsa along the highway when he noticed something strange. He saw a man driving a Volkswagen erratically in front of him, and realized that the man was unconscious.

He had to do something, otherwise this man could harm himself or other drivers, and himself being one of them.

So Kick pulled in front of the car, and slowly braked until both cars came to a complete stop. He then gave themas first aid while other people who stopped to help called emergency services.

The man appeared to have suffered a stroke, and was taken to the hospital, and is now in stable condition thanks to Kick’s quick thinking.

But his heroic act would result in a gigantic damage bill for the Telsa driver, but luckily, he wouldn’t have to pay it thanks to Elon Musk. Musk shared the story on his Twitter page which got a lot of attention.

In appreciation for his act of bravery, the Telsa company said they will repair his vehicle, free of charge. And although the police are conducting an investigation against Kick, like always after a car accident, a police officer handling this specific case said he is “more likely to get an award for his bravery than a fine.”

We are so thankful that Kick realized that the man was unconscious and took action to help him, and other drivers on the road at the time. He saved many lives that day, and he truly is a hero.

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