The best family dog is one who releases a deadly and Ferocious bark, but is a gentle giant on the inside. Their bark will scare any intruder away then snuggle with your children in their beds. Unfortunately, the following dog who was once intimidating is now making his owners die of laughter.

Dave Hardman recently recorded his dog, Betty, when she attempted to bark. The humorous squeaky bark can be most likened to a human hiccup. But Betty’s story begins a long time ago when she was brought in as a foster dog.

Betty was brought in for foster care after being neglected by her previous owners. It’s believed that she was abandoned and/or isolated for ten years which contributed to her lost bark.

“After Betty was rescued the vet said it looks like she was left on her own in a room where she would just bark and bark, desperately trying to get some attention, and it’s damaged her vocal cords,” Dave said.


The result is her a light hiccupping that sounds nothing like a bark. Although her story is rather tragic, Dave says that her bark adds to her personality. After spending just a few days with the puppy, the Hardman’s decided they had to keep the lovable dog.

“It has me and Kerry in stitches every single day and we’ve had her for five months now,” says Dave. “She was only meant to be a foster but as soon as we saw her she was staying.”


Although her story seems positive, it wasn’t always the case. During the first month, Dave took plenty of time (and the whole time off work) training Betty to be nice to other dogs. Her abuse made her an abuser, but Dave’s hard work paid off and she is happy as can be now.

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