Having worked with several search and rescue operations, I can tell you the severe importance of getting rescue dogs active as soon as possible. Although police dogs are trained for a different type of rescue, some can be called upon to find people who are not intentionally fleeing the police.

A perfect example is Jake. Jake is a police dog who normally has to show his aggressive and fierce side but in a recently change of events he was sent to find a missing woman. The canine and his handler were sent to find a missing woman with the assistance of a helicopter. Thanks to the speed that 15085710_10154727377386649_1087280738514226034_nJake was dispatched at, the woman was found relatively fast by Jake and his handler.

The woman was having some psychological problems and ran away with the idea of taking her own life. Thanks to Jake, officials found her just in time to perform CPR and rush her to the hospital. According to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the woman is recovering well in the hospital. They also say, “Well done to PD Jake and his handler.”

It’s amazing how effective search canines can be, but it’s all depends on how fast an organization will dispatch their dogs. Waiting too long can be the difference of life and death. Check out the PSNI Facebook post below!

Police Dog Jake and his handler responded to reports of a high risk missing person in Belfast area last night.

14520540_10154564885856649_5331208943745765763_nPolice Dog Jake and Handler worked with the Police Helicopter and an area was identified for search. Police Dog Jake was sent into search mode and a short time later Jake and his handler found the young person hanging from a tree and cut her down. CPR was given until arrival of Ambulance crews and the young person was taken to Hospital where we are glad to say she is reported to be recovering well.

Well done to PD Jake and his handler.

Anyone who is feeling vulnerable or in need of help is reminded of support and assistance that is available from a number of organizations and charities such as Lifeline, Samaritans and PIPs.

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