Pregnancy can be the most exciting time in a women’s life, but it can also be one of the most devastating times depending on the health of the mother and baby. And sadly, Tammy would have to deal with the devastating times.

Tammy had been diagnosed with Lupus, and as a result of her condition, had gone through a miscarriage before, and upon finding out she was pregnant again, she and her doctors were nervous.

At an ultrasound at 15 weeks, the doctors noticed something very unusual about the baby, and then had to deliver the shocking news to the expecting parents. The baby was not growing and developing at a normal rate. And then she had a decision to make. Deliver the baby then, or try and make it to 27 weeks and deliver then.

The chances of survival for both decisions were both under 5%, but the second option had a better outcome, so she chose to decide to wait it out till 27 weeks.

Tammy had to go to the doctor every other day and be checked on, and to see if the baby still had a heartbeat.

“I remember every day sitting in the car before we would walk into the clinic, you would take a big deep breath and you’d prepare yourself that there’s not going tone a heartbeat today,” said Tammy.

She made it to 27 weeks, with a steady heartbeat, and baby Zoe was born. She was born only weight 10.8 ounces. The doctors were still worried about her development outside of the womb, but were impressed she had made it this far.

And now, 12 years later, Zoe is 12 years old, and was able to explain her entire experience in her own words. And what she had to say, is just amazing! She prove to doctors that miracles do happen, and statistics are just words, and human spirit and faith is more powerful than people may think.

Zoe now, 12 years old…

We are so happy to know that Zoe is doing so well, and we love her story. She is amazing, and we love being able to see how much she has grown, and what a beautiful young girl she has become!

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