The dog was homeless, unloved, hungry and covered with cancerous tumors.   There was almost zero hope that this dog would survive in the vast chaos of Mexico City.  There are over one million stray dogs wandering the streets in Mexico City.


But one compassionate passerby decided to rescue this hopeless dog from the streets and at least attempt to get him some help for his grave condition.  This dog was hard to look at, let alone pick up and care for.  The very first thing was to deal with the dog’s severe malnourishment.  The good samaritan took the dog to a local animal rights activist named Dalia Gamez.  She adopted the dog, named him Boby and began the treatment he so desperately needed.

No one could have imagined the miraculous transformation that would take place with Boby!


Boby received chemotherapy for his cancerous tumors, but even the doctors thought that because of his weakened state, the treatment would probably be too much for the dog.  But they knew there was no hope if they didn’t try.


Dalai stood by Boby and worked to keep his spirits up during the two month, eight session treatment.  After the treatment was over, it was just astonishing to see Boby become a whole new dog.  His tumors just disappeared and his fur began to grow back shiny and thick.  His weight came right back too along with abounding energy.  He was able to run, jump and play just like a young dog.

Dalai shared Boby’s whole story on social media and the once homeless, unloved, hungry and very sick dog became a local celebrity!  His fame even found him a new home with a very loving family.

Do you believe in miracles?  Boby is certainly one of them!