A monkey just went swinging into the record books recently in India’s northern city of Kanpu.  He gave a heroic, life-saving effort to resuscitate a monkey friend who had suffered an electric shock on some hire wires at a railway station.

After getting zapped in the high tension wires, this monkey had fallen unconscious on the train tracks.  Things were certainly looking grim when our hero sprang into action.

Credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

He picked his friend up, shook him, pushed on his chest like his was doing CPR, bit him on the head and even dumped him in some water to try and revive him.  Even though there was a threat of an oncoming train, the hero monkey just would give up on his friend.

Our hero worked to save his friends life for 20 to 30 minutes!

After a bone chilling display of intense labor, the monkey that by all rights should have been dead regained consciousness.  The stunned crowd around the tracks broke out in cheers and applause!

The two monkeys eventually were able to walk away from the danger and into safety.

Unfortunately, our monkey hero could not be found to be interviewed.  He just humbly went swinging into the sunset.

No doubt he is now a CHIMPION , I mean CHAMPION with his friends and family!

 (Warning: Some may find this video graphic)