Many people are used to seeing Pui, a 2-year-old dog from Thailand, walking around the neighborhood. His day to day adventures weren’t uncommon for the pooch and his owners always expected him to take off during the day. However, they also expected him to come home at night and he always did.

As Pui was roaming his town one day, he noticed something that seemed different than normal. He walked over to a white bag that was in the local trash dump. The dog began to sniff the bag then paw at it and eventually realized this was not just a bag.

Pui immediately picked up the bag and carried it back to his home. When he arrived he sat the bag down and started barking loudly. The owner’s niece happened to be at the house when she came out to screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-2-13-57-pmsee why the dog was so agitated. When opened the bag, she found a newborn baby inside…with the umbilical cord attached!

The human family rushed the baby to a nearby hospital where the doctors helped the baby. Not only was the baby malnourished, but she was also born two weeks prematurely and had to use an incubator. In an utter miracle, this baby made a full recovery and already has offers to be adopted.

As for Pui’s heroic actions, he was awarded a special leather collar. If it wasn’t for Pui, this baby would have been dead in a matter of hours. Please SHARE Pui’s heartwarming rescue with your friends on Facebook!