Animals are meant to be befriended, worked appropriately or remain wild. Anything else is just wrong. If you think the animal is cool, study it, don’t cage it. I went to a circus when I was younger, and didn’t think much about it. But now, I realize it’s not okay to leave them trapped in tiny cages and no place to roam.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-7-13-29-amMufasa is a mountain lion that experienced that bondage for over 20 years. He was literally forced to live chained to the back of a truck as part of the Peruvian circus. The poor lion was dragged from one location to the next with no hope of freedom.

In 2015, Mufasa finally found his freedom thanks to Animal Defenders International(ADI). ADI spent countless hours fighting the circus and bureaucracy to get approval to rescue this abused animal.  Once approved, the ADI team proceeded to the harder part of tracking down the moving circus.

Rescuers finally located the circus and literally broke the chains holding Mufasa. He was then taken to a Sanctuary to recover and will remain their for his life. Moving him to the wild would be detrimental to him and other animals around him.  But he’s basically living in heaven…


The sanctuary he’s at will take care of him and give him plenty of space to roam and play. Between health check-ups and free food, Mufasa is expected to get 5-star status! Check out the ADI video below and visit their website if you have more questions.

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Article and photos via ADI