Thomas Artiaga was driving his truck past Robert Wells’ house when he noticed smoke billowing from several windows. His instincts immediately kicked in within moments, Artiaga was out of his truck and walking towards the burning house.

When he got close enough to the house, neighbors told him they couldn’t get Mr. Wells out and he was stuck inside. As soon as the words left the neighbor’s mouth, Artiaga sprang into action and into the burning home.

Seconds later, Artiaga came back out with Mr. Wells over his shoulder. “I’ve seen the daughter, the niece trying to help him out and get him out and he couldn’t really walk that well so I just picked him up and carried him out,” Artiaga said.

The story takes an even more interesting turn when Artiaga simply disappeared before anyone knew who he was. All they remembered was a blue baseball cap.

“I do remember this man in a blue cap, just very calmly walking toward where the house was, where the fire was, and just very calmly starts walking back there and I just kept filming,” neighbor Beth Lederach said. “And the next thing you know, there he is coming back out of the house carrying this man.”

Obviously, like anyone who has their life saved, Mr. Wells wanted to meet this mysterious man. A search was sent out to find him. Eventually, they found the mysterious man now known as Thomas Artiaga and the two were able to finally meet!

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