Everyday heroes are all around us! This everyday hero doesn’t wear a uniform but what she did for this little boy and his family can not go with out some recognition.

Jenna Lee Baker is the Nanny for the Lye Family, on this day Jenna had been out running errands with the little boy when a burglar broke into the home.

You can see him on the security camera dumping a purse onto the counter, then he makes his way up stairs to the bedrooms. Where he finds more valuables. He even searched the children’s room. Which in some way feels even more intrusive was he dumping their piggy banks?

This is where things get a lot scarier…

While he is upstairs rummaging through the families bedrooms Jenna returns home. The boy enters the home and runs to the living room to play.

Jenna knew something wasn’t right as soon as she came in. She shouted for the boy and that’s when the burglar came down the stairs. Instincts kicked in she grabbed the boy and fled out the door. You can see her running down the driveway with the boy in her arms while she is calling 911.

Jonathan Lye, the boys father can not thank her enough for protecting their son.

“What she did for my son today and everyday, I am so grateful”

I don’t think of myself as a hero, I love him.  When his parents are away they put their trust in me to keep him safe.  That is just what she did.

Would you be able to think that quickly on your feet?  If you think Jenna is a perfect example of everyday heroes please share her amazing video now!