Two police officers from New Hampshire are finally being honored for their heroic actions in August. The two four year veterans were patrolling when they were both called open to save a man’s life.

Christopher Rogers and Benjamin Turner were patrolling on August 24th when they responded to a suicidal male somewhere on Ash street.

“Upon locating the male in the middle of the roadway, they noticed that he was covered in blood and bleeding profusely from two large lacerations to his right forearm,” Police Chief Andrew Lavoie said.

“Officers placed a tourniquet on the victim and applied … bandages on the wounds. While awaiting AMR the victim lost consciousness. The officers continued to provide medical aid and the victim was subsequently transported to the Southern New Hampshire Regional Medical Center.”

Thanks to everyone’s quick response, the man survived.

“The emergency room doctor who treated the victim stated later that if it had not been for the actions of Officer Turner and Officer Rogers the victim most likely would have died,” says Lavoie.

Both officers will receive a commendation bar for the uniforms as well as a public recognition in the future!

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