To rescue an animal is a very noble thing to do. Basically, you not only take on the responsibility of caring for its basic needs, but you also have to undo whatever negative habits it has picked up in its prior excursions.

A young mother of three, Catherine Svilicic took on these challenges when she decided to adopt a Doberman Pinscher. Khan, as he was named, hadn’t had a smooth run of it before, having come from an abusive family that eventually abandoned him.

Catherine gave him the benefit of the doubt because she saw loyalty and love within his tortured eyes. The first three days went fairly well under the circumstances. It was day four that brought a heart-stopping moment for mother and child.

Catherine sat on her porch enjoying the sight of Khan playing with her 17-month-old daughter, Charlotte. They seemed to be having a blast until the world felt as if it turned sickeningly upside down.

Khan began to roughly push little Charlotte across the yard. Instinctively, mother tensed up and rose to rush to her child’s aid. Before she could move, the dog grabbed the back of Charlotte’s bib and threw her several feet like a rag doll.

Shocked, Catherine bolted up to save her equally stunned baby. The only thought in her mind was to separate her precious cargo from the wild beast. She didn’t get far when she realized that the dog was not the beast she should be afraid of, but the creature that he saved her child from.

There, in the grass, lay a slithering brown mulga snake ready to strike. In a blinding whir, the reptile leaped up towards Khan, no doubt seeking revenge for the lost opportunity to sink its venomous teeth into the smooth-skinned baby.

It was proof that Khan knew exactly what he was doing. He took the bite like a champion knowing that he saved the life of the young human. If he had not acted so aggressively, Charlotte would have taken the poisonous beast’s bite.

Khan ran into the house where he collapsed. Catherine was able to get him a dose of anti-venom but he struggled just to stay alive all night. Under any other circumstances it is more than likely that he would not have made it, however, these were not normal circumstances.

Miraculously Khan not only survived, but he also made a full recovery. A local snake expert believes that any amount of more venom in the dog’s body would have surely killed him.

He put himself in harm’s way to save a child’s life. His family now calls him “Khan the Wonder Dog”.

Photo courtesy of Facebook

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