It was definitely not how they thought their first dance would go, but Jeff and Rebecca Payne of Centerville, Ohio did get their first dance as a couple. They just finished celebrating their vows in Beavercreek and were heading to their reception in downtown Dayton when an accident made traffic come to a complete stop.

Rather than letting the frustration and change of schedule irritate them, the Payne’s decided to make the best out of the situation. How? They used the time to celebrate their first dance as a married couple! Both jumped out of their vehicles and onto the highway. With headlights glaring down on them and their song playing it was honestly beautiful.

Jeff’s proposal surprise. Credit: TheKnot

When people noticed a white wedding dress on a dirty highway, they began to get out and film the captivating moment. Many people even started hashtagging #rescuethepaynes. One person who got out was videographer Levi Curby, who filmed the entire thing for the lovely couple!

Engagement photo. Credit: Theknot

Thankfully no fatalities were reported and there were only minor injuries for the victims of the crash. As for Jeff and Rebecca? Well let’s just say they had the most unusual but memorable first dance! They did eventually get to their reception…just a little past when they wanted!

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