Historic rainfalls have been hitting the area around Lee’s Summit, Missouri lately. This is where retired football star Neil Smith lives.

He’s seen the waters rising on nearby NE Anderson Drive. Earlier in the day, it was shut down along with many other streets because of the depth of the water. Areas where the roadway dipped down would put the water level about the height of a car’s windows.

School buses had to take a back way around the far side of school just to get in and drop kids off.

Later in the day, when the kids were ready to go home, most of the roads that were closed earlier were now reopened. A majority of the water levels had fallen to passable depths, that is, except for Anderson.

The barriers remained up for good reason. It was still far from safe to drive through.

This didn’t stop one driver from making an attempt. A woman in a silver Toyota Sienna seemed determined to plow through the muddy waves. Neil watched as she drove around the barriers, floored it, made it part way down Anderson, then came to a dead stop when her car stalled out.

At the point when she had no choice but to stop, the water was at the height of her bumper. Neil couldn’t leave her to wade out of there herself, so he started his huge 6′ 4″ frame out to the trapped vehicle.

He reached her just as she had gotten her door open and looked out trying to assess a strategy on how to get out of the predicament.

Neil took her by the hand and walked her to safety. He told FOX4 that he had no idea if she had any kids, but she was definitely carrying one as she appeared to be about 9 months pregnant.

Also, she was very short. But considering how very large he is, I think that may be a matter of perspective coming from him.

Neil said he was just in the right place at the right time, but he added some words of common sense following his Good Samaritan deed.

“People tell you do not go around those barricades when you see water, just stop turn around,” he said.

What he did may seem small, but remember that you never know what may be going on in a person’s life. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can have the biggest impact on a person!

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Article via: FOX4