Bald Eagles are easily the most majestic creature in the animal kingdom. Their look of determination, fortitude, and resilience reminds me of why we picked this bird as that of our nation. Although these beautiful birds were once almost extinct, they are back full fledge!

I would normally say any sighting of these birds would be awesome, but after seeing this picture I won’t. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida was recently busy with the end results of Hurricane Matthew when they got an emergency call that got more attention than all else.


A Bald Eagle was stuck in the grill of someone’s car!

14601108_1142641082481545_2010897164226839840_nLocal police AND fire and rescue went out to render aid to the bird. The teams were able to remove the bird without harm and then turn it over to a nearby emergency aid center for animals. The owner, Cynthia Mosling, said the 7-year-old bird will be released if the checkup goes well.

The bird was first noticed when a separate driver noticed something in an oncoming cars grill. The driver chased after the car to let the owner know there was a bird up front! The two people called 911 and that’s how the bird was found. It’s assumed that the bird was chasing prey when it flew into the front of the car and got stuck.

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