It was an ordinary evening when a dog named Queenie was let outside by her mom. What should’ve been a normal bathroom trip took a turn when the bored pooch decided to crawl underneath her owner’s shed.

Whether she was chasing a small critter or just wanted to investigate a suspicious hole in the ground, Queenie got stuck. She couldn’t move. It was up to the police to save her.

After calling for her repeatedly, Queenie’s owner, an elderly lady, went to go see why her dog wasn’t coming. After some searching, she found her dog wedged under the shed, only her head sticking out. Queenie was in distress, unable to move or escape in any way. There was little this woman could do on her own to free her poor fur baby. She knew she needed outside help. So, she called the local Tampa police department, who responded promptly.

When police arrived, they were surprised at the sight. Tampa police took photos and posted them to their own website, showing the dog’s head jutting out from under the shed, lit by flashlights. The dog was scared and cold, but help had arrived to get her out.

After some thinking, the police decided the best way to free the dog was to “get down and dirty by digging a trench.”

So, armed with trowels and shovels, the police got down on the ground and started digging. They used the shovel to loosen the dirt and to get rid of big, heaping portions, and a small gardening trowel to carefully dig around Queenie’s head and shoulders. The owner stood by, watching anxiously, gripping Queenie’s leash as she watched the spectacle unfold in front of her.

After considerable effort, the police carved out a large hole underneath the shed. Another photograph on their website depicts the dog underneath the shed, surrounded by dug-up dirt and one trowel. The dog and shed are bathed in the light of the flashlights. Everything is framed by the dark of the night.

After more hard work, the poor pooch was free. Queenie was reunited with her owner, greeting her with a large, toothy smile as her owner gave her a big hug. There was an enormous hole under the shed now, but the dog was okay, and the story wrapped up with a happy ending.

Thanks to the quick thinking of the owner and the hard work of the law enforcement, the dog was freed. The police who responded were the heroes of the day. Thanks to them, Queenie can continue to frolic and enjoy life the way every dog should, and her owner can rest easy knowing her dog is safe again.

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Source: Fox13