He rescues animals just about every day. It’s when he gets to return them to their owners that he really celebrates. Richard Broz, 55, has been a Lorain Ohio police officer for 27 years, and a humane officer since 2014. In 2009, his city eliminated the job of dog catcher because of financial reasons. Almost immediately, they saw a significant increase in stray animals. Police weren’t trained to handle growling dogs and sometimes the police would even feel like they had to shoot the angry dogs.

Credit: http://www.cleveland.com

So Officer Broz started working directly with the stray animals in 2009. He was an unofficial humane officer because of the great need in his city. Then in 2014, there was an official change.

“I was sitting down one night with [police] Lt. Dan Reinhardt, a man who also likes dogs,” Broz said. “In fact, Reinhardt adopted a dog that was shot during a police raid of a drug house. I said something needs to be done to protect the dogs in the city. He agreed and told me to write up a proposal to become the humane officer.”

Three days later, the proposal was signed by the mayor.

“Nothing moves that fast,” Broz said. “But before I knew it, in November, 2014, I was the city’s humane officer. I have one goal, to keep the dogs safe and get them off the streets.”

Since that change, Broz has picked up nearly 1,400 dogs and the city has seen a huge difference.

So everyone in the city wins. . .stray dogs are kept safe in the city, dog owners get their runaway pets returned unharmed, and officer Broz gets to experience the joy of a job well done.

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