A third grader from Georgia is showing some kindness to children with cancer, and it’s becoming a huge hit!

Bella Fricker, 9 years old, is the founder of “Peace. Love. Bracelets.” a business she started, where she makes and sells bracelets to raise money to buy American Girl dolls without hair. She  donates the dolls to girls who are battling cancer to show them they are not alone. And so far, she has been able to purchase 6 dolls, and has gifted 4.

“Unfortunately, four children in our community over the years have had cancer and really left an impression on her. I have been personally involved in the fundraising efforts within the community in the past,” said Bella’s mom, Valerie Fricker.

Bella has been known to have a love for American Girl dolls, so she wanted to do something nice for these girls to make them feel happy when they’re in the hospital and no longer have their hair.

Bella created a mini office within her playroom, where she makes the bracelets, sells them, packages them up and then ships them off. So far, Bella has sold around 500 bracelets.

“She works with different child life specialists and doctors and nurses within the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center to find a candidate for the doll. Most of the time, donations are just collected at the door. It is a very occasion that you get to actually meet the recipient of a donation, but Bella’s dream was to meet the little girls herself and give them these dolls,” said Valerie.

Bella’s goal is to donate 15 dolls to children at CHOA, and then after accomplishing that goal, raise enough for 20 dolls to gift to kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, then around 10-15 for children at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

Bella hopes to raise enough money to be able to achieve her goal, and we do too! Bella is even considering buying Build-A-Bear stuffed animals for the children who don’t play with dolls. We are so proud of Bella and all that she has accomplished. Do you find Bella’s actions inspiring? Then SHARE this post!