A couple of bandits found out the hard way that the Murrin’s house was not one to be messed with.

It was likely to be an easy bust. The hopeful robbers probably saw the Murrin’s leave and figured it would be now or never. They marched right up to the house and entered. Here they were met with a furry face that knew those humans were not supposed to be inside.

Later that day the Murrin’s came home. They opened the door to see blood drops on the floor leading up the stairs. It had a sort of Hansel and Gretel effect on the family’s eyes as they followed the droplets up the stairs to the railings and walls.

Tristan Murrin via ABC8

Have you watched CSI or Law & Order? If you have you are well familiar with crimes scenes that almost seem improbably with the amount of gore spread everywhere. That’s what this house looked like; blood was splattered everywhere.

Oden the German Shepherd apparently was not happy with his uninvited guests and was not about to make them feel at home. He chased them around the house biting anything he could get a hold of. It was clear whoever broke in could do nothing more than run around the house trying to get away.

Eventually, the perpetrator did get away, but barely. He (or they-it’s not currently clear how many people entered) left plenty of DNA behind for the authorities to do some thorough investigating.

After all that you’re probably wondering what kind of a demon dog these people are keeping. You would be excused for thinking that but it seems the opposite is true.

Odem likes to play with the kids that live in his culdesac. According to Tristan, he is very placid and is loved back by the whole neighborhood.

Tristan and his family are very proud of Odem for standing his ground and protecting his home. They are also very relieved that the dog was not injured during the raid. Quite incredibly the thief didn’t even grab anything on his way out. Nothing was stolen.

So, other than some tough-to-remove stains, the Murrin’s home security system seems to work quite well.

Odem is such a good boy for protecting his family and their belongings! Can we just thank our special four-legged protectors today?